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Derek Logan


Throughout his career, Mr. Logan has had significant success in developing and commercializing oil and gas technology.

In 2001, Mr. Logan co-founded Extreme Engineering Ltd. Under his leadership as President and CEO, Extreme Engineering designed, developed, manufactured and commercialized:
  • XPulse, the world’s first and most advanced Unmanned mud pulse MWD tool
  • XEM, a fourth generation Electromagnetic MWD tool and the world’s first unmanned EM MWD tool
  • XACT, the world’s first and only acoustic telemetry MWD system.

Extreme Engineering’s XPulse and XEM product lines (including engineering and manufacturing) were acquired by Schlumberger in 2008.

Earlier, in 1993, Mr. Logan co-Founded Ryan Energy Technologies. Under his guidance as Senior VP and CTO, Ryan Energy designed, developed and commercialized several new technologies ranging from mud pulse MWD, ElectroMagnetic MWD, Electronic Drill Recorders (EDR) and LWD systems. Ryan Energy was sold in2000 to Nabors International, where Ryan Energy continues to operate as a full service Directional Drilling company and the EDR system is integrated into CanRig (a division of Nabors).

Earlier still, in 1984, Mr. Logan was one of five designers who developed the world’s first fully retrievable mud pulse MWD tool while employed with PosiTec Drilling Controls. The PosiTec retrievable MWD tool was sold (1989) to Schlumberger and branded the Slim One.

Mr. Logan started his career in the early 1980s working for VecTel Petroleum Services, a Calgary-based company that developed one of the world’s first mud pulse MWD tools. This tool was eventually sold (1984) to Baker Hughes Inteq and run under the brand of AccuTrak.

In addition to serving as a director of HiFi Engineering, Mr. Logan is currently a director of Evolution Engineering. Evolution (EVO) provides products and engineering services, focused on innovation and reliability, to the Measurement-While-Drilling (MWD) market. Mr. Logan is also a director of Topco Oilsite Products.

Mr. Logan’s business achievements have been recognized by: the Alberta Science and Technology (ASTECH) award in 2007; the R&D Magazine Top 100 award in 2003; the Profit 100 Fastest Growing Companies in Canada award in 1997; the Fraser Milner Casgrain Pinnacle award in 1998; and he was an Honoree recipient for the ASTECH awards in 1996 and 1997. Mr. Logan served as an Adjudicator for the ASTECH awards from 2009 thru 2012.
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