Applications for Hifi HDS


  • Pin hole leak detection
  • Leak Prevention - strain hot spots
  • Pipe motion due to soil erosion or compaction
  • Pig monitoring
  • Detection and remediation of flow restriction (wax)
  • Internal pipeline surveys
  • Intrusion 3rd party
  • Pipeline strikes
  • Pump monitoring
  • Machinery analysis
  • Flow estimations
  • Seismic surges
  • Heavy equipment roll over
  • Hydrate blockage formation


  • Leak detection / location using transient analysis
  • Ultrasonic measurements
  • Gas lift optimization
  • High Temp SAGD Injection / Production profile estimates
  • Seismic VSP
  • Well integrity management programs
  • ESP monitoring


This is Hifi in Action.

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1 Well Integrity Source Identification Using Hifi Micro and VentMeter Download File
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