Fiber Optic Monitoring Basics.

Fiber optics were invented to carry huge amounts of voice data over long distances very efficiently. Due to advancements in optical technology, we can now use fiber optic cables as an actual sensor - a sensor with the ability to measure parameters such as acoustic energy, temperature, strain, and vibration, every meter along the fiber continuously, 24/7, with very high precision.

The capability of continuously gathering data about these parameters over several kilometers of fiber simultaneously is called distributed monitoring. By installing a fiber optic line directly along a pipeline or wellbore, we have a very effective sensor for critical applications such as: pipeline leak detection and prevention, asset and perimeter security, and precise fluid flow measurements.

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With Hifi's integrated HDS technology, we can measure:
Fiber Optic Pipeline Acoustics Monitoring
Temperature Pipeline Detection
Strain & Vibration
Strain & Vibration
24 hours a day, 7 days a week
Over a 50km distance
Every centimeter along the fiber

The HDS Difference. Fidelity Matters in Leak Detection and Prevention.

The challenge in distributed monitoring is to make sense of the data captured by this fiber, keep it real-time and guarantee its accuracy and results. The data needs to be strong and clear. The data needs to have high fidelity to be effective.

Hifi's HDS system captures the highest quality, the highest fidelity data on the market. No other technology, whether it is conventional Rayleigh-Backscatter DAS or DTS even comes close.

Can data fidelity ever be "good enough" or too high?

No. Capturing data with higher-fidelity means having better information about your pipeline or wellbore. Better information means you can make better decisions. Simple as that.

We will always strive to provide the highest fidelity (quality) data to our clients as it translates directly to their business. Higher-fidelity data means:
  • Understanding assets better
  • Making smarter decisions
  • Enabling improved compliance and stakeholders relations
  • and improved insurability

Pipeline leak detection performance
Our clients demand the highest fidelity in fiber optic based pipeline sensing. By meeting this demand and delivering world class fidelity and data quality in real time, Hifi provides immediate positive impact to their business

The science behind it.

Detecting fluid leaks, abnormal strain, external intrusions or tampering or loss in integrity of wellbores and pipelines is like finding a needle in a haystack. In sensing and monitoring technology, that means distinguishing signals from the noise.

We have spent nearly a decade optimizing our technology to produce data with the best possible signal to noise ratio (Q or SNR) on the market.

Q =
Signal Power
Noise Power

A larger signal to noise ratio translates to higher quality and higher fidelity data. Because our technology produces data with the best signal to noise ratio, we have a system that is uncomparable in terms of its reliability and accuracy.
"We believe that Hifi has the potential to help the energy industry’s future and our goal of 100% safety."
"We at Shell have successfully used Hifi’s LeakSonar tool to detect and locate surface casing vent flows in our wells. Two features that are unique about this tool is that it is far more sensitive than any other tool in the market place and it’s able to detect the direction that the flow is coming from. The system generates a mountain of data, yet after processing, the output is easily interpreted. We are looking forward to using this tool more in the Foothills region where the wells are deep, sour and have surface casing vent flows."
"Cenovus Energy has successfully used Hifi Engineering’s downhole monitoring system to locate casing failures and surface casing vent flows. This has significantly reduced our down time and repair costs."
"Hifi has provided a welcomed and long awaited improvement in noise logging for detection of the source of migrating gas and we both support and encourage the industry to continue to make advances in technology that assists in the detection of such small and elusive sources of gas. Husky’s WIT team (Well Integrity Team) was created to focus on the 'improvement of technology' in the detection, intersection and isolation of gas migration... and was pleased to work with Hifi to evaluate the validity of this new technology and consider the new technology a significant advancement in noise logging."
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