Hifi HDS. See the Whole Leak Detection System

Hifi's HDS™ sensing and monitoring system is made up of the following components

Pipeline Sensor Component


Hifi's optimized and distributed fiber optic Macro sensor, or the Hifi Micro tool.

The sensor is installed along the pipeline or deployed inside the wellbore.
Interrogator Fiber Optic Component

Hifi Interrogator

Hifi's HDS dynamic sensing platform provides high-fidelity (HDS) data.

Using a laser interferometer, the sensing line can be used to reliably gather high-fidelity data regarding the pipeline or wellbore’s acoustics, temperature, strain and vibration in real-time. Signals from the sensing line are sent to the Hifi Interrogator (an optical computing platform) where the data is processed in real-time using Hifi’s patented monitoring algorithm.
Pipeline Leak Detection Software

Control Room Software

An intuitive and easy-to-use software dashboard allows our clients to understand, characterize, visualize and generate reports of all measurements in real-time.

In the event that any irregular activity is detected, the Hifi system will instantly send an alarm notification with the updated status.

Depending on client requirements, notifications can be sent via email or SMS text message.
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