October 28, 2021

Hifi Announces HDS Monitor 2.0 Software and Two New Patents

Advancements and continued innovations in Hifi’s system platform providing value added applications to Hifi’s high performance sensing

CALGARY, Alberta. Hifi Engineering Inc. (“Hifi”), a developer and supplier of next-generation fiber optic sensing technology and machine learning software used to monitor critical infrastructure including pipelines, oil and gas wells, and other assets today announced the company has released an upgraded version of their HDSTM Monitor (2.0) software platform. The new software includes:

  • Enhanced system dashboard for overview of system health and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) compliance with key performance indicators
  • Improved support for real-time and historical data visualization
  • Updated module for the latest Pig Management Application (PMA) enabling pipeline operators to detect, track and analyze repetitive pig runs
  • Improved user experience through an enhanced control room interface design
  • Scalable architecture to support the big data requirements of very long distance assets and infrastructure as well as low bandwidth / high latency network connections
  • Improved geospatial context for events such as map and satellite views, asset annotation, and event clustering


“Hifi is very proud to release these product enhancements and the greater functionality of our HDS Monitor user interface, which so many operators rely upon for accurate event notifications and asset monitoring”, said Ehsan Jalilian, Vice President and CIO of Hifi. “The rich value provided by the greater functionality of the HDS Monitor platform will continue to reinforce Hifi as the next generation industry standard for distributed assets and infrastructure monitoring”.

Hifi also announced two newly issued patents:

This patent covers the second generation of Hifi’s fiber optic interrogators. This high fidelity interrogator is at the core of Hifi’s sensing platform, using advanced technologies and differentiated design innovations to offer maximum signal-to- noise ratio (SNR) for integrated acoustic, strain, and thermal measurement sensitivity across a broad spectrum, a very low noise floor, an increased monitoring range, and enhanced system diagnostics.

US 6,358,066

This patent recognizes Hifi’s leadership in the field of high fidelity strain and temperature measurement, allowing Hifi to address a number of critical industrial applications such as detecting pipeline leaks or production profiling in oil and gas wells. The innovation protected by this patent allows Hifi to differentiate temperature and strain signatures, enabling the improved detection of the events of interest.

“We are very pleased with the approval of these additional patents supporting Hifi’s high fidelity distributed sensing platform”, said John Hull, Hifi’s Founder and CTO. “These innovations help provide preventative pipeline leak detection, as well as our other applications which help support ESG objectives of our partners”.

About Hifi

Hifi is a privately held Canadian company, with minority ownership from Enbridge, Cenovus and BDC, specializing in the development, supply and commercial operation of next generation fiber optic sensing technologies and machine learning software primarily used for preventative leak detection for pipelines and monitoring of critical assets. Headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Hifi currently has a number of commercialized products based on its high fidelity distributed sensing (HDSTM) technology platform, over 70 patents, and was named the winner of the 2019 Canadian Energy Pipeline Association (CEPA) Foundation Innovation Award, the Digital Innovator of the year for the 2019 Global Petroleum Show (GPS) awards, and the Technology Innovation Leadership Award from Frost & Sullivan for 2021.

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