March 7, 2019

Hifi Engineering Announces 50 Patent Milestone and Fiber Optic Flow Monitoring Patent Approval

New innovations continue to increase value from HDS technology platform

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CALGARY, ALBERTA–(March7th, 2019) – Hifi Engineering Inc.(“Hifi”), a developer and supplier of next generation fiber optic sensing technology used to monitor assets including pipelines and oil and gas wells, today announced a major intellectual property milestone with their portfolio growing to over 50 patents approved and pending. In addition, Hifi announced the approval of Hifi’s patent “Method of Estimating Flowrate in a Pipe” using fiber optic sensing under the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) and Canadian Patent Application No. 3,027,902

“We are pleased with the continued growth of Hifi’s intellectual property portfolio to support Hifi’s technology as the industry standard for sensitive applications such as preventative pipeline leak detection”, said Steven Koles, Hifi’s President and CEO.

Hifi’s high-fidelity dynamic sensing system, or HDS™ is a specialized data interrogation and analysis platform that uses advanced machine learning software algorithms to support Hifi’s proprietary fiber optic sensors, across various distributed applications which require very high accuracy integrated sensing of acoustics, temperature, vibration and strain. The HDS system has been deployed by a number of pipeline operators and downhole partners.

“The Flowrate monitoring patent is a game changer”, said John Hull, Hifi’s Founder and Chief Technology Officer. “By complementing point sensor-based flow meter technology with fully distributed fiber optic monitoring, we will be able to enhance the flow management capabilities for the pipeline industry.”

Hifi intends to commercialize the flow monitoring application in future HDS technology releases.

About Hifi Engineering
Hifi Engineering is a privately held Canadian company, with minority ownership from Enbridge and Cenovus, specializing in the research, development, supply and commercial operation of next generation fiber optic sensing technologies primarily used for preventative leak detection for pipelines and monitoring of oil and gas wells. Headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Hifi currently has a number of commercialized products based on its high fidelity dynamic sensing (HDS™) technology platform. For more information, visit

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