September 27, 2022

Husky Midstream, Hifi and Stantec Presenting Slope Stability Monitoring at the International Pipeline Conference

High Fidelity Distributed Fiber Optic Sensing for Landslide Detection

CALGARY, Alberta, September 27th, 2022 — Pipeline integrity management continues to adapt and improve with the adoption of new technologies. In 2016, Husky Midstream had a loss of containment incident on a 16-inch diameter pipeline on the south slope of the North Saskatchewan River, Canada which was determined to be caused by ground movement resulting from a landslide complex.

A robust state-of-the-art instrumentation monitoring program was implemented by Husky Midstream, , which included real-time geotechnical instrumentation, high fidelity distributed fiber optic sensing (HDS), repeat ILI and weather data monitoring to identify, evaluate and monitor areas of ground and pipeline movement so that potential impacts to the pipelines could be mitigated. An early-warning system that included alarm thresholds was also developed that identified when to proactively shut-in the pipeline.

The HDS monitoring comprised strain, acoustic and temperature sensing that revealed an excellent correlation to the geotechnical, ILI and weather station monitoring data on the actively moving landslide complex.  The HDS monitoring showed increased strain magnitudes following a significant rainfall event that correlated to an acceleration in survey monument and slope inclinometer movement, and was also correlated to ILI locations of bending strain. Accumulated strain magnitudes also correlated to LiDAR change detection results and visual observations of the ground surface. Acoustic and strain accumulation was also correlated to construction activity on the right-of-way.

As pipeline operators continue to include high fidelity fiber optic sensing as a continuous linear sensor along new and existing pipelines primarily as a leak detection tool, other critical applications, such as ground movement from landslides can be included as an important component of the integrity management system.

About Husky MidStream

For more than 60 years, Husky Midstream and its predecessor companies have provided strategic connections for producers in Alberta and Saskatchewan.  Husky Midstream owns approximately 2,300 kilometres of pipeline in the Lloydminster region, 5.9 million barrels of oil storage capacity at Hardisty, Alberta and Lloydminster, Alberta, and other ancillary infrastructure assets. It is responsible for blending Western Canadian Select, the benchmark for heavy Canadian crude oil.

About Hifi

Hifi develops fiber optic sensing systems inclusive of sensors, hardware and visualization software, as well as artificial intelligence (AI) / machine learning data algorithms for monitoring pipelines.  When installed along the length of a new or existing asset such as a pipeline, fiber optic sensors can monitor every centimeter of the pipeline, detecting potential leaks and adding extra layers of safety and operational intelligence. Hifi’s technology has been or is currently being deployed across nearly 3,000,000 meters of pipeline assets globally.

About Stantec

As a top-tier global design firm, we focus on creativity, client relationships, and how our projects transform communities. Society is experiencing a revolution ushered in by an energy transition that’s changing the way we power, live on, and move about our planet. Our focus? Providing sustainable solutions for our clients and communities, whether through the construction of new facilities or improving the safety and efficiencies of existing pipelines and infrastructure.

Promoting sustainable and economic solutions, we minimize impacts on the environment and surrounding communities while providing owners with reliable energy and long-term performance. Whether designing an energy storage facility, a pipeline, a microgrid, a hydropower project, or a utility-scale wind farm, we keep clients at the forefront of this rapidly-changing industry.

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