May 19, 2022

SDTC presents Hifi as one of Canada’s Sustainability Changemakers 2022

This new distinction awarded by SDTC is the first “made-in Canada” list recognizing homegrown innovation. 

May 18, 2022 – Ottawa, Ontario 

Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC) is proud to announce its inaugural list of Canada’s Sustainability Changemakers. This new distinction will be awarded annually to a select few portfolio companies that have shown outstanding growth over the last few years as well as a track record of delivering on SDTC’s mandate of sustainability and economic benefits for Canada.  

Today, 10 companies are awarded the distinction, in-person, during SDTC’s Annual Leadership Summit in Ottawa. These Changemakers are truly Canadian companies, building knowledge and skill development here at home, while growing a global footprint. They operate in five different provinces and work in sectors ranging from greener concrete to sustainable fuels, to precision agriculture and fiber optics systems.  

The companies chosen as Canada’s Sustainability Changemakers for 2022 have been selected following a rigorous evaluation process consisting of five criteria: 

  • Steady annual revenues of over $10M. 
  • A compound annual growth rate of 20% or more over the last three years. 
  • Significant sustainable benefits and impact measured per SDTC’s proprietary methods of quantifying environmental benefits. 
  • Global footprint. 
  • Canadian presence and contribution to the local economy: at least 50% of the workforce and significant operations must be Canada-based and the company must demonstrate job growth.

Canada’s Sustainability Changemakers is the first made-in-Canada list which recognizes homegrown innovation in sustainable technologies. As the largest funder of Canadian sustainable small and medium sized companies, SDTC offers a unique window on the entrepreneurs who are leading the change to a Net Zero economy and is proud to use that expertise to celebrate Canadian excellence.  

  • Hifibased in Calgary, AB, develops fiber optic sensing systems inclusive of sensors, hardware & visualization software, and artificial intelligence (AI) / machine learning data algorithms for monitoring pipelines, and other community infrastructure. When installed along the length of a new or existing asset such as a pipeline, fiber optic sensors can monitor every centimeter of the pipeline, detecting potential leaks and adding extra layers of safety and operational intelligence. Hifi’s technology has been or is currently being deployed across nearly 3,000,000 meters of pipeline assets and over 1000 downhole wells globally. In 2021, Hifi saw steady and significant growth in sales through contracts with major companies in Canada such as the 1200KM TransMountain Expansion Project, while expanding our market focus to include the emerging energy (H2 & CCUS infrastructure), mining, and water sectors.


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